Living in the Word–Through April Poetry!

Living in the Word–Through April Poetry!

A blessed and joyful Palm Sunday to all! As we enter Holy Week and dwell on God’s indescribable gift to us of Jesus and the cross, we enter this week on April 1st, the beginning of National Poetry Month. What better way to celebrate Jesus than to reflect on him through poetry.

This month I would like to feature all kinds of poetry focused on Jesus and what his life means to us. Today, let’s enjoy a poem by one of my favorite poets, Emily Dickinson.

He gave away his Life –
To Us – Gigantic Sum-
A trifle – in his own esteem-
But magnified – by Fame –


Until it burst the Hearts
That fancied they could hold-
When swift it slipped its limit-
And on the Heavens – unrolled-


‘Tis Ours – to wince – and weep-
And wonder – and decay
By Blossoms gradual process-
He chose – Maturity-


And quickening – as we sowed-
Just obviated Bud-
And when We turned to note the Growth-
Broke – perfect – from the Pod

Poetry helps connect me to my Savior and Creator like nothing else does. Maybe this is true for you, too.  If you have a favorite poem to share with others this month,  I would love to include it here. You can send it to me by email, brenda at brendaquinnwrites dot com.  (Poems must have been published before 1923 to comply with copyright law. I can’t print a poem here that was published after that date unless you wrote it or have permission from the poet.)

I will also be giving you the opportunity, once again, to dabble with a little poetry this month, so watch for more!

How does Dickinson’s poem speak to you this week?

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(I’m currently working on the glitch with poem line spacing. It looks right on my end but changes when published. It seems WordPress didn’t have poetry in mind when configuring blog templates!)

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