Finding the Bible Online–There’s a Big Bible World Out There!

Finding the Bible Online–There’s a Big Bible World Out There!

So, how do you read the Bible? By that I mean, do you hold a printed version in your lap and turn pages? Or do you sit at a computer or hold a mobile device in your hands and scroll through online passages?

Last winter I talked in a post about my trip Bible Shopping for my teenage son’s birthday. After considering lots of options I chose a leather-and-paper Bible to accompany him into adulthood. What I didn’t touch on in that post, though, is the fact that while he really likes his new Bible and uses it a lot, he also uses his IPod to read Scripture quite often. And he’s not alone. With no help from me Collin, like teenagers everywhere, has located apps and websites that give him any passage of the Bible in any translation he wants in seconds.

I’ve been a little slower to catch on, and still prefer my printed Bible for devotional time, but what I’ve learned has helped me appreciate all that’s available to us today if we just venture out and both explore and consider. Here are some excellent offerings:

Bible Gateway: (http://www NULL.biblegateway has more than 100 Bible versions available, including dozens of language translations. There is an audio Bible where you can listen to Scripture being read online, devotional material, reading plans, and an app for mobile devices. What I love about this site is that I can find a verse quickly by typing in just a few words. No more poring over a 5-pound Strong’s Concordance. Then I can easily compare various translations of the verse.

YouVersion (http://www NULL.youversion NULL.1 NULL.kjv): YV is a free Bible app for mobile devices with more than 50 million users. Hundreds of Bible versions and languages are available and it also offers Bible reading plans, all kinds of devotional choices, and a LIVE option where you can link to real-time church services and other Christian events as they are happening and even take notes as you listen.

The devotional options at YouVersion are many and varied, with 4-day offerings and others that extend all the way to 365 days. People like Focus on the Family and Joyce Meyers are included, topics like God’s Peace, How to Love a Friend, Spirit of Gentleness, Learning Spiritual Discipline, Money Matters, and the Story of Easter. Some are directed at families and teaching children. A new devotional spins off of Jeff Foxworthy’s debut show, The American Bible Challenge. Daily devotions are based on each week’s episode.

GLO Bible (http://www NULL.globible This interactive Bible for PCs, Macs, IPhones, IPads, and others offers Scripture illuminated through HD video, high-resolution images, zoomable maps, 360- degree virtual tours, and customizable reading plans. The Glo Bible was named the 2010 Bible of the Year by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. It’s got a wealth of material available, including Bible reading plans and a place to keep a personal journal, all while being highly visual and interactive. Several Bible translations are currently available, including the King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version, English Standard Version, and The Message. The Glo Bible is available in two downloads: Glo Lite, a free version with more limited but still very worthwhile access; and Glo Premium for $42.95, with access to all content.

The Bible page on Facebook: I had heard about this one and it took me a few months to locate the right Bible page. I finally found it at “The Bible presented by United Bible Societies.” More than 8 million Facebook Friends enjoy daily Scripture verses on their feeds and interaction over Scripture. The verses offer guidance, sometimes provoke tears, and even lead occasional readers to confess Christ.

There are many more Bible-related offerings available online. Like the shelves of Bibles we find in a bookstore, there’s an ever-increasing number of resources we can access digitally. It can be mind-boggling and, especially for those who don’t venture often into the technical world (yes–this area can make one feel old very quickly!), it can be a confusing and downright alarming new world.

On my next post, let’s look together at the pros and cons of the online Bible world.

I’d love to hear from you if you have used any of the above Bible resources! Take a quick moment and comment here. Tell us, too, if there’s another online Bible source you like to use.


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