God’s Word has been a Mainstay for me since I was very small. Jesus’ saving presence through His Word and His Spirit formed me when life around me felt it was losing shape. He continues, every day, to bring His revelation and His shape to my life. Praise His name! How amazing to me that Jesus, the Word made flesh, is referred to in the gospel of John as just that–the Word. For those of us who love words and communicating¬† through the written page, the reality that our Word is living and will inhabit us as the Word–well, it feels like He speaks our language! For you too, reader, the Word is alive. Let’s read Him together.

I have worked with many wonderful people and ministries, including Philip Yancey, Renovare, MOPS International, World Vision, Serendipity House, and World Christian magazine. I have co-authored a devotional book, Meet the Bible, with Philip and written profiles on Bible characters for the Life With God Bible, published by Renovare. I’ve written and edited several other Yancey books and have served as a speaker for Renovare conferences and events. What a privilege and opportunity for much growth both as a follower of Christ and as a writer and editor.

I’m married to Mike and we have three sons who love Jesus, reading, and the adventure in each day. At any given moment you can find us banging on snare drums, reading mysteries, playing tackle football in the front yard, or talking to the hermit crabs. Yes, adventures abound.

I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me by email (brenda null@null brendaquinnwrites NULL.com) if you would like.